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June is Bustin' Out All Over...

When ever I hear the lyrics to this iconic Rogers and Hammerstein song from Carousel, it makes me think of sunshine and smiles.

June is definitely Bustin' Out All Over with flavour here our little French Brasserie, La Petite Bouchée and we're very happy to share our June menu with you.

The menu as always has a fish, meat and vegetarian option. The vegetarian option can be transformed in the blink of an eye into a vegan course and of course if you have any special preferences or allergies, please flag them up. We are delighted to work with you to ensure you have a delicious meal.

Entrées this June

Chargrilled Razor Clams - Razor clams, tossed in olive oil, garlic and chilli and then chargrilled on the BBQ until succulent and smokey.

Duck Rillettes - Made to an authentic French recipe, brimming with flavour and served with toasted baguette and pickles.

Asparagus with a poached egg and lashings of Hollandaise - The last of the season's finest British Asparagus served with a poached egg and lashings of our handmade buttery, lemony Hollandaise sauce.

Amuse Bouche

A first outing for our creamy classic - Vichyssoise and the return of our delectable Roasted Red Pepper with Basil Oil, both served chilled in ice cold shot glasses

Plats de June

Basque Seafood Seafood Stew - A light but full flavoured basque influenced broth, with fennel and saffron tones. Each serving has a piece of monkfish, Hake ( or similar white fish) Mussels, Clams and a giant tiger prawn and is finished with our homemade pickled samphire.

Chicken Provençal - Beautifully crisp chicken baked in the oven with fresh herbes de Provence, Noilly Prat, fresh caramelised lemons and smoked shallots ( It's the dish we cooked on Hidden Restaurants for Channel 4)

Vegetable en Croute - A delicious selection of seasonal vegetables marinated in a house blend of herbs then wrapped in light puff pastry, baked in the oven then served with a piquant roasted tomato sauce.

Desserts - The iconic Creme Brûlée makes a return to the menu i've even bought a grown up blow torch after seing Michel Roux Jnr with his ! Creamy vanilla set creme anglaise with a caramelised crust ready for you to smash through...

Or why not end your meal with one of our wonderful cheeseboards, Cheese handpicked by Victoria at The Cheese Larder in South Molton ( just up the road !) served with sensational membrillo, bread and fruit.

No Come on ... You know you want to !

After 3-2-1

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