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There's still some room !

We've still got some availability left if you're planning a visit this September. It's already been a fabulous start to the month with our Roasted Tomato and Balsamic Glaze Tartes and Short-Rib Carbonnade proving to be hugely popular.

Burrows short ribs are huge and after 24 hours bubbling away in Black Tor Brewery Raven they simply melt in the mouth...

Other stars include our signature Moules Frites simmered in our own recipe seafood bisque and our Plateau Fruit de Mer made to order.

There are two sorbets on the menu this month with our champagne sorbet just slightly nudging ahead in the amuse bouche popularity contest. Our other little amuse bouche are just as tasty.

Then there is our blueberry and Crème de Cassis Sorbet served with our Tartes aux Myrtilles.

There's a new cheese board this month too. Delicious Morbier, fabulous Comté and one of our favourite blues - Saint Agur


Friday 15 - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 16 - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 22 - 4 covers

Saturday 23 - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 29 - 6 covers

Saturday 30th 6 covers

Please remember, as regular diners, if there is anything you're not keen on or simply don't fancy we're happy to work with you to find a solution. We can work round all dietary and allergy requirements. Just let us know.

One final thing- the two Christmas Menu dates are:

16 December - 2 covers left

22 December- 4 covers left

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you want to book just email us at

Thanks so much for your continued custom.


All the team at LPB

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