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MARCH Newsletter

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We're sitting here bathed in sunshine on another snowy morning here in Witheridge.

It's meant to be spring ! Which reminds me, its time to start planting up the seeds for this years herbs, vegetables and edible flowers and with it that comes the feeling of everything being shiny and new.

Our shiny new March menu has got off to a flying start with Steak Frites being the most popular on the menu, followed closely by our delicious fresh Hake which is roasted off and served on a bed of Piperade dusted with apple-wood smoked dulce and a sprinkling of Piment d' Esplette. Moules Frites has also been a huge hit but be mindful that spawning season is upon us soon !

Our new menu set up has gone down a storm too with giving people the option of choosing 2, 3 or 4 courses. Although I have to say we have served a few more desserts than were originally ordered but that's the beauty of being able to change your mind !


FRIDAY - - 4 covers

SATURDAY - 6 covers

BOOK ME IN THIS WEEKEND CLICK HERE and QUOTE MADAS2018 to get 20% off the bill


We're open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and in addition to our already delicious menu, we'll be serving up a classic French Easter Lamb dish called Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal. This will be available as either a "family service" dish (for 4 -6) using beautiful leg of Devon or individually as deliciously slow roasted lamb shanks. Both on a bed of Boulangerie potatoes and served with classic French vegetables peas, spring onions and baby gem lettuce.

For Dessert we'll also be serving up another classic Flan Patissier. Tart, filled with deliciously rich egg custard.

AVAILABILITY - We are already over 70% booked for Easter Weekend

GOOD FRIDAY - 6 covers


To book across the EASTER WEEKEND please email us HERE


We’ve got a new Cheese on the board this month - Délice de Bourgogne, which is an unctuous triple cream cheese that comes from Burgundy. Triple cream cheeses are particularly rich and creamy due to cream being added not once, but twice to the milk during the cheese-making process. It is a soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese that was created in the eighteenth century by the famous gastronome Brillat Severin. Originally unpasteurised, it was revived in 1975 by Jean Lincet of Fromagerie Lincet, who now pasteurises the cheese.

It is similar to a classic Brie both in appearance and texture, but its pungent, slightly mushroom- smelling rind tends to collapse into the creamy interior when the cheese is ripe, leaving only a small amount of firmer paste right at the centre.

The first and last thing you are likely to remember on first tasting Délice de Bourgogne is the voluptuous and decadent creaminess.


You will find that it is particularly delicious when eaten with either a glass champagne or cider !

Don't forget April is nearly upon us, so i'll round off todays news by popping up the April Menu for your delectation....

And finally...... We are FULLY BOOKED ON APRIL 28 (Private Party) and MAY 5th ( our 1st Birthday)

And finally...... We are FULLY BOOKED ON APRIL 28 (Private Party) and MAY 5th ( our 1st Birthday)

If you are interested in trying the tasting menu on MAY 19th ( Nearest date to my 50th Birthday) then EMAIL HERE ( I'll be buying everyone a glass of champagne that night)

Here's the menu

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