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June's Still Busting Out All Over ....

It's nearly 3 months since La Petite Bouchée was put into mothballs. We can only guess at what the future holds in terms of reopening. If we are to believe what we read or see first hand across the channel then it's going to be a while yet before things return to even some resemblance of normality.

We have ( I say we have, clever Nigel has) calculated that if we are to observe the 2m social distancing rule then we will literally have three tables in the dining room. We have been thrashing through possible solutions, having two sittings ( something that goes against everything we stand for ), opening up the roof garden and of course the 4 covers, in our vintage camper van Demelza. We'll know by the end of the month if Nigel and Caroline's shielding will continue. If so all the above is academic. If Nigel and Linzi can return to work then we will roll out the following:

  • Hot food to takeaway at the weekend

  • BrunchTOGO twice a month

  • Restaurant TOGO

  • Limited service in the dining room


In the meantime TOGO continues to power on. The response to IndiaTOGO was phenomenal, so much so that we will cook IndiaTOGO once a month. If you'd like to register your interest to order for delivery on 17th/18th then send us a WhatsAPP message on 07729 638 642.

A few of the dishes include: Butter Chicken, King Prawn Jalfrezi, Aubergine Curry, Bombay Aloo, Biryani ( Chicken Tikka, Prawn, Vegetable) Tarka Dhal


For the time being we will be sticking to our 120 meals per week. Once there are more hands on deck this will change.


Order 27th May - Delivery 3rd/4th June

Check out some of the dishes on the slideshow below....

Order HERE on Wednesday 27th May or WhatsAPP us on 07729 638 642.



Order 3rd June - Delivery 10th & 11th

Menu TBC

IndiaTOGO (ii)

Order 10th June - Delivery 17th and 18th June

Menu TBC


Order June 17th - Delivery 24th and 25th

Menu TBC


RestaurantTOGO is coming ....

Cook our restaurant dishes in the comfort of your own home, We'll supply all the locally sourced ingredients, they'll be weighed and measured. We'll have different boxes according to how many you're cooking for and if you tell us in advance all of your dietary requirements will be taken care of.

There will also be the opportunity each month to cook along with Chef on zoom. Anita-Clare will be on hand to guide you through the process, take Q & A and if you fancy it sit and have dinner with like minded people once the cooking is over.

To register your interest please email us on


Demelza is 50 next June. She was registered in France on June the 18th 1971. So on June 18th 2021 we will be throwing her a big party. With of course, 50 guests. We'll be letting you know more about this special occasion and how you can get tickets. If you'd like register your interest then just drop us a quick EMAIL Members of The La Petite Bouchée Dining Club will be offered tickets first.

Finally, our thanks for your unfailing support of us over the past couple of months. Thanks to everyone who has ordered, written, texted, waved and even done shopping for us, you're all wonderful and we are so very grateful.

Stay safe and take care,

Anita-Clare and Caroline XX

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