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Keep Going, Remember Why You Started This....

Everyone feeling blissfully liberated? Yes? Us neither. Whilst we see 300 odd people packing into night clubs countrywide and people congregating in their huge groups in the local Wetherspoons in Tiverton and Exeter, we remain very cautious and focussed on yours, our teams and our family's safety. I am proud that there is not one venue in this village or in Nomansland changing their stance on social distancing or face coverings. I am also incredibly proud that not one guest this weekend turned up without a face covering. Everyone respected each others space and service went off without a hitch. We're in no hurry to return to normal ( whatever that is these days) You won't see 22 people packed into the restaurant for a while yet and we'll be keeping our additional spaces for those people not wishing to dine with others quite yet ..

You can catch up with our latest covid compliant advice HERE


We're on the final week of July so it's your last chance to enjoy Shallot Tarte, Chicken Liver Parfait, Stuffed Chicken leg, Omelette Arnold Bennett and Shakshuka ! Not forgetting our zingy Tarte au Citron and Canalés from Bordeaux.

We will never have more than 16 covers in the restaurant unless you are from the same party.

JULY 30th - 6 covers are available ( dining and camper FULLY BOOKED )

JULY 31st - 6 covers are available ( dining and camper FULLY BOOKED )


If you're reading this and you fancy a night out before the end of the month then just drop us a line at 07729 638 642, leaving your name and quoting JULY21 and receive 20% off the bill. We'll need your food order by Weds 27th. You can find the menu right HERE


The next availability is 7th August - 6 covers

The dining room and camper are both booked out on the 6th and 7th August. BOOK HERE

We've got our delicious Bouillabase on in August. Lots of seafood and locally caught fish in a sublime broth.

Our Toulouse Cassoulet was so popular last year we had to put it on for two months running. Home made confit duck, pork belly, Toulouse sausages, pork belly, lardons, fat and cassoulet beans...

Mussels are back on the menu in August.... we can serve them anyway you want then...You tell us how you'd like them .. 1KG of mussels, a big bowl of crispy fries and a large pot of aioli.





You choose ! pó


From the 1st week in September we'll be having a specially themed night. So on the weekend of September 3rd /4th we'll be celebrating all things USA - Burgers, Southern fried chicken, Shrimp boil etc ... and each time we do an event like this we'll have at least 10 covers takeaway too ! so pop your order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Watch out for the menu.... BOOK HERE


NEW YEARS EVE falls on a Friday this year We'd be interested to see who would be interested in coming along for a special banquet and to see the new year in with us...

Please email us here if you are interested - NEW YEARS EVE



We continue to make ready our overnight stay room for restaurant guests which includes a full Devon Breakfast in the morning in the restaurant. We'll have more details on availability and how to book very soon.

Keep an eye out for availability and prices....

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