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October Newsletter

The start of Autumn is almost upon us and the comforting aroma from my neighbours wood burner has started to fill the air in the early evening. All of a sudden the temperature has headed south and the days are getting gradually shorter. It's been an incredible Summer, we've met so many wonderful people here on holiday or just exploring on staycation ( Caroline loathes that word !) It has been fantastic to be able to showcase some of Devon's finest ingredients as our reviews attest. The standard of beef from Shapland and Searle has been off the scale and we have never sold so many Beef Wellingtons in one month. We managed to snaffle a left over fillet steak this last Sunday and we were speechless. We just looked at each other and Mmm'd a lot. Lobster Thermidor has been huge this summer too.. Huge, sometimes 4-6 a week and Celtic Fish and Game have been incredible in keeping up with our increased demand.



High on the list of starters are the return of our Brandade Croquettes. Brandade, a staple of the Languedoc region of France, is an emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, and mashed potatoes, add in some confit garlic and a twist or two and then coat with a crispy crumb and voila a croquette served with the lightest Aioli.

We've got a delicious Breton Style Pâté which we'll be serving with toasts and pickles, together with our take on Alexis Gauthier's vegan/vegetarian Faux Gras which was incredibly popular the last time we made it. We've also got the return of our flavour packed Garlic Soup which will be served with a cheese ( vegan too) crouton. Do not be frightened of a soup containing 30 cloves of garlic. It's creamy and delicious and still guaranteed to ward off vampires and this wretched cold we all seem to have, without having to put an exclusion zone around you. Promise !


There are the usual suspects heading the list of Plats, Steak, Côtes and a lot of stunning seafood. This month we are heading to the Languedoc again and their version of the Provençal classic Bouillabaisse. Bourride is an equally fabulous fish stew with Aioli whisked into the broth at the end. Traditionally Bourride is made with Monkfish but we're adding a little extra luxury with a few Crevettes Rouge thrown in for good measure.

Our Meat dish is a warming Navarin of Lamb. Navarin is a French ragoût (stew) of lamb There are some claims that the name "navarin" was used to honour the 1827 Battle of Navarino, it's more than likely because of the stew's traditional inclusion of turnips – navet, in French. It's a very satisfying stew, not least because it cooks for 12 hours in a bottle of white wine.

For the Vegetarians and vegans among us there's a flavour packed Roasted Aubergine and Coconut Dhal, rich, warming spices with earthy smokey tones from the Aubergine. Also a French-Style Mac and Cheese, using some of France's most melty cheeses in Comté and Gruyere and Cantal Cheese with lashings of Créme Fraîche and a hint of garlic in the background.


Our Desserts this month are new to the La Petite Bouchée repertoire, so no pictures yet. We've got a delicious Passion Fruit Bavarois, light refreshing and made with vegan friendly gelatine. Our tarts this month are Individual Pear Frangipan Tarts made with beautifully seasonal juicy pears and a light frangipan batter. For our vegan diners we have a rather decadent Choconut Ganache which is packed full of wonderful hazelnuts another adaptation from the mighty Bosh. We have our usual cheese board laden with goodies.


We're really look forward to welcoming you throughout October. We've got mixed availability so the best advice is to book ahead. We're offering our subscribers 15% off this Friday when you book with the code OCTLPBGO

To book please visit our website HERE

To view our menus till the end of the year ( I am resisting the word Christmas at the moment) including the later dates in December and NEW YEARS eve... Please visit the menus page HERE


Don't forget if you're planning a more intimate get together with friends and family our private dining room is available for your enjoyment. With it's own entrance, loo and exclusive table service.


If you'd rather hire the restaurant for your special occasion the minimum requirement is 16 people.

Thank you so much to our guests and our wonderful suppliers these past five months, it's been wonderful to be back doing what we love best.

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