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Spring Fever

The pancakes are eaten, lent is now upon us and we seem to be whipping our way down the storm alphabet. Having said that, the sun is out and we've got a fabulous March menu to share with you.


Today is the last day of the Exmoor Food Festival and boy it's been a stormer. La Petite Bouchée has been fit to burst every weekend with festival devotees, regular diners, new neighbours, the odd food critic and of course some of the best ingredients from this part of the world. We were delighted to welcome the South Molton Strugglers (running club) to the restaurant last and a massive thanks to James for organising. We had our first wine tasting which went off without a hitch and Caroline and I celebrated being in our wonderful village for three years. As I said, a stormer of a month. So sorry to the 47 people we had to turn down this month. If you booked and couldn't get in then we are happy to honour the Exmoor Food Festival rates for this month.


So on to March, the month of new beginnings and a new menu. We've got some delicious treats in store this month with Coquille St. Jacques headlining the Entrées. The Soup this month is a creamy White Bean and Thyme soup, not forgetting the handmade Labneh ( soft white cheese ) and Confit Tomato Tartine.

There are two Chef's amuse on the menu this month with our ever popular champagne sorbet available to cleanse and refresh your palette or a Petite Niçoise Croustade, simply the South of France in a bite.

Stalwarts, Moules and Steak Frites are always on the menu. We also have a delicious French classic Pot Au Feu made with beef short rib, spicy garlic sausage and marrowbone. We'll be debuting the world famous Omelette Arnold Bennet oozing with luxurious smoked haddock and rich hollandaise sauce, then grilled until bubbling. We're off to Morocco for our vegetarian option this month with a gloriously bejewelled Stuffed Aubergine with Tahini Dressing. The fish this month is Hake roasted on top of mushrooms and sliced potatoes.

Dessert is a classic caramelised walnut tart which will be served with our handmade vanilla ice cream and of course Crème Brûlée is back in all its creamy and crunchy glory ... We'll of course have cheeseboards available and the cheeses this month will be Brie de Meaux, Roquefort and Comté


We're always asked whether we'll open for lunch on Mother's day. Sadly its not an option

( Mrs F would kill me ! ) however, We are open on Friday and Saturday that weekend so if you're celebrating and looking for somewhere spoiling then we'll be giving anyone coming with their Mum, or a Mum being taken out dinner a 25% discount.

Availability MARCH

6 March - 4 covers

7 March - 4 covers

13 March - 8 covers

14th March - 4 covers


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