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Village weekend was founded after the massive snow dump in March 2017. Our restaurant was full both nights, our food was ordered and in our fridges and then without exception every diner cancelled because the roads were dangerous and impassable. We sent out a message across the village offering a special priced menu so that our food wasn't wasted and many people from our village came and supported us and the  food and wine that first weekend in March certainly didn't go to waste ! It was an act of kindness from so many neighbours and friends in the village and so we decided to repay that kindness by offering the same deal each month to everyone in Witheridge and surrounding villages. There is always areal buzz on village weekend with lots of friends and neighbours gathering over food and wine. 


Village Weekend usually falls on the first weekend of each month* and gives people who live in Witheridge and surrounding villages ( 12 mile radius ) the opportunity to try out the new menu each month from just £20 for 2 courses plus an amuse bouche.  If you've not been to La Petite Bouchée before then you'll find everything you needed to know but was afraid to ask right HERE

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