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Environmental & Social Responsibility

The environment is very important to us and so we try to ensure that we act responsibly in everything we do. We already have several policies in place to ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint and try and reduce as much waste as possible. We also support the local community and charities associated with social and environmental responsibility .

Environmental Initiatives

90% of our food is sourced locally within a 10 mile radius of La Petite Bouchée except fish. Fish comes either from the North Devon Coast or from the world famous Brixham Fish Market. We buy vegetables and fruit locally or from the late spring onwards it is homegrown by members of the La Petite Bouchée team. Our wine is bought from a local wine merchant and they source our wine list, which is updated regulary. We make all our own pickles and ferments which means that left over vegetables always have another use and remain in the food chain. 


From it's inception in 2014 La Petite Bouchée has always had a strict zero waste policy in place. In order to minimise food waste we ask diners to choose their food in advance. This ensures that we only ever have what we need. Diners will always have the option to takeaway any food left on their plates. Our takeaway containers are made from biodegradable cardboard and paper bags. Any excess food is either used for left overs between the team or composted and used to help grow herbs, vegetables and fruit. 


The limited amount of oil we use at La Petite Bouchée ( 3 litres per month)  is decanted into bottles and handed over to a certified company to make bio fuel. Any excess is disposed of responsibly at a certified recycling centre. 


There is no point in pretending we do not have any plastic in the restaurant. We do. We use plastic pots to store food in our fridges, however, they are washed out an re used. Where possible we use biodegradable products. We are huge believers in reducing plastic and are proud to be a Visitor Campaign Supporter 2019 for Plastic Free Devon

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La Petite Bouchée also proudly supports the Refill Devon Campaign which is a practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street.

As  a participating restaurant we display a round, blue sticker in their window, inviting thirsty passers-by to come on in and fill up their bottles - for free. The aim is to reduce the amount of plastic bottles ending up in our streets, rivers and seas - whilst keeping you healthy, hydrated and saving money at the same time!


We are proud to be the only Certified Carbon Free Dining Restaurant in North Devon. In May 2019 we partnered with the Green Earth Campaign which plants trees in the developing world which in turn reduces the carbon footprints for each of our diners. We add an optional .99pence to each bill which plants a tree in Africa and helps educate, reduce poverty and create a sustainable environment. Read more about our partnership here 

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Charitable Giving & Sponsorship

As a restaurant we are approached almost daily by people wanting us to sponsor activities or events or to give a donation towards a specific cause. Since we have been in Devon we have sponsored quite a few local events and either made donations or given prizes for raffles or prize draws. We are very happy to do so. We are keen to support our local community. The demand is ever growing and we cannot say yes to everything so we have the following guidelines for people wishing to approach us:



We are more likely to want to support you if you live in Witheridge or within a sensible radius (10 miles)  of  the village. Local causes and events will always be considered first. Please make all approaches to us via email at   with the  following information. We will not consider any approach that does not meet our charitable giving guidelines. 

  • Please give us as much background about the event or cause you are wishing us to be involved in. 

  • Please state what it is exactly you need from us, for example, a donation/prize/ sponsorship, when you need us to participate and in what capacity.

  • If you are asking for a donation, we will want to know how the money donated will be used and want an update on specific projects. 

We will consider every approach carefully and give you an answer in writing within 48 hours of receiving your approach. We will also email should we need any further information or clarification. 

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