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Dining at La Petite Bouchée is a unique experience, We like to look after you from the time you book until after your dining experience with us. Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, however, please feel free to contact us directly 0n 07738 703450 should you require any further help. We very much look forward to welcoming you. 






La Petite Bouchée is a reservations only Restaurant, we do not accept walk ins 


With the pandemic rules now relaxed, it is no longer law to wear a face mask, however, some customers still feel more comfortable wearing one and this should be respected by other guests. We would also ask guests to continue to be mindful of symptoms and stay away if they have tested positive for COVID. 


All tables are available from 7pm-10pm. We ask guests to be seated by 7.45- 8pm, however, we are happy to be flexible if you need to arrive slightly later, just let us know in advance and we'll happily accommodate you


Following an extensive poll 3 months ( June 21 2021)  ago an overwhelmingly 68% of guests did not want music in the restaurant. 



We are fully licensed serving spirits, wine, beer, cider and soft drinks. Unlimited tap water is available free of charge. We do not offer a corkage facility. 


Children are very welcome in the restaurant. under 5's eat free and Children under 10 eat for 50% of the cost of the menu. We do not have a children's menu, however, we're always happy to accommodate any special requests made at the time of ordering food. 



NHS workers, Firefighters, Police and Carers automatically are entitled to 10% discount. (please bring ID as proof) Please let us know when you book. 


Don't take our word for it, check out our reviews, the good, the bad and the well... other HERE, or on FACEBOOK or TRIPADVISOR  We love to hear feedback good or bad, its what keeps us on our toes and wanting to raise the bar higher, so don't hesitate to take the plunge. 


We sincerely hope that your experience with us will be a wonderful one, however, sometimes things do go wrong and we need to know when they do. In our very limited experience of this happening we have found that dealing with issues as they arise means we can rectify them, quickly, discreetly and to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. The chef at La Petite Bouchée is also one of the owners and is always in the restaurant, is highly approachable and will able to help instantly. Our front of house team are also completely authorised to deal with any issues which arise. Sadly, we cannot offer refunds if you complain a few days later or as a result of bad reviews online. 




All cancellations must be made via the booking system quoting your booking reference code in your booking confirmation email. We will NOT accept cancellations via email or telephone unless in an emergency.

In the event that a booking is not honoured in whole or in part, or is cancelled with less than 72 hours notice, a cancellation fee of £30 per person will be charged to the card provided. Should you not show up for your table, the same charge, per person will also be removed from the provided card. Our booking system will track reservations and if they are marked as a no-show, You will never be allowed to book at La Petite Bouchée again. 



La Petite Bouchée requires a credit or debit card in order to make a reservation. We reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee or No-Show fee according to our cancellation and no-show policy.

  • Everyone who makes a reservation will have to input their card details and a card capture for £30 per cover  and will held against the card. If you arrive for your reservation as normal no charges will be applied to your card in relation to your table booking and you will pay your bill as normal.

  • If you cancel 24 hours prior to your reservation you will not incur any cancellation fees.

  • If you cancel your booking on the day of your reservation you will be charged £30 per person ( unless in exceptional circumstances - Please call  07738 703450) 

  • If you ‘no-show’ (do not show up for your table at all, or arrive more than 30 minutes late without contacting the restaurant via email or Telephone)  your table could be cancelled, and your card could be charged at £30 per person.


We have zero tolerance when it comes to rude and entitled behaviour to any member of our team. This past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone. Please be mindful of others. If you are rude, we will ask you to leave. This also goes for rudeness or disrespectful behaviour to other guests. 



Please let us know any special dietary requirements at the time of booking, if you're unsure or have any specific requests please do not hesitate to call us on 01884 860 654 and have a chat. Equally, If you do not like something on the menu we are always happy to discuss alternatives. We want everyone to have the meal they want and pride ourselves on being able to replicate most of our dishes to suit dietary or medical needs - We've catered for all of the following on a very regular basis: 

  • Vegetarians

  • Vegans

  • "Fussy Eaters" Your words, not ours 

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Coeliacs 

  • Dysphagia ( difficulty swallowing or chewing) 

Please also ensure that we are made aware of any medical conditions that may affect you whilst in the restaurant. We will do anything we can to ensure that your needs are met. 


La Petite Bouchée is all at street level and the entrance has one very small step in. and one step up. There is one step down to the loo's which are all on one level. If we know your needs in advance we can ensure you're seated comfortably. We have ramps and other aids available on request. Just chat to us on 01884 860 654


SMOKING - Is not permitted anywhere in the restaurant or in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant including the courtyard, pathway, the front of the house or near the camper van. If you choose to smoke during your meal please walk over to the other side of the square nearest the Church. There's even a seat, I know how hard it is, I used to smoke 40 a day, trust me some nights, I'll be wishing I was out there with you.   


Sadly, dogs are not allowed in the restaurant. WE LOVE DOGS, we have four, but we are mindful of our diners and some don't, some are very allergic. So we err on the side of caution. SERVICE DOGS for the disabled are of course allowed in the restaurant. (Please let us know when you book, so we can ensure we can provide space and water  & treats etc)


We're all different, which is what makes us unique. With this in mind we respectfully ask guests to think about the environment around them. We want everyone to have an amazing time here at La Petite Bouchée. ​We also ask is  that you PLEASE leave quietly at the end of your evening and respect that this is a residential area. There are neighbours along the pathway as you come in and go out. We all get on very well and we'd like to keep it like that. *The restaurant needs to be vacated by 10pm 


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