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La Petite Bouchée, Platters, Pickles and More...

Like any restaurant worth its salt, we like constructive feedback from our customers. It's a great way to gauge how close we are to the bar we set and to get a real feel for what people enjoy eating. We often run polls. Recently we ran a poll asking about which sauce people would prefer their Moules cooked in. Marinière won hands down and so it will be added to the menu. Yesterday we asked how many people would like to see Escargot de Bourgogne on the menu and it was a close call, so we'll run it as a special sometime.

One of the things we are often told is that the portions are too big ( we are always happy to box it up for our guests to take any leftovers home) I'd rather that criticism than the other way obviously, but we do listen which is why we've decided to introduce another smaller menu to run alongside the 4 course menu.

The new menu La Petite Bouchée ( The small mouthful ) will be full of seasonal sharing food and will launch in November. Mindful of the time of year too, this will also have a bite-sized price tag and include a glass of wine, craft beer or organic Cider. If you're not drinking then as you know we have a delicious range of organic award-winning soft drinks from Ashridge Cider too.

To book please email us HERE

Available from Nov 3rd 2017

We look forward to you joining us...

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