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Well here we are hurtling towards the end of the year at the same break neck speed of this entire year. It’s not just me is it ? This year has sped by at a rate of knots hasn’t it ? I think it’s been what can only described as another extraordinary year. It wasn’t the year we were expecting. We toasted 2022 with renewed hope in hospitality, the Spector of two lockdowns and a bizarre tier system, rules, regulations, social distance guidance and PPE behind us.

We rocketed into 2022 with a full book in the first quarter. The Exmoor food Fest had sold out in December and January and March were bursting at the seams. Then at the end of January the government announced the fuel price rises and just like that, the bookings stopped. Literally stopped. It was absolutely terrifying. I took the unprecedented step of asking our customers why they were not booking. The answer was loud and clear. Limited disposable income and others said it would help them if we had a paired down cheaper menus. We listened. We produced a cheaper menu and nothing changed. It was excruciating having just 6 -8 covers in. Not just for the guests, but for us too. Something needed to happen fast. I knew one thing, I just couldn’t contemplate losing La Petite Bouchée.

We’d always been asked about private dining and external catering and I’d done a couple of things for good customers but hadn’t want to dilute the brand. Now I had to think fast and “ adapt or die” So we ramped up the marketing for the private dining and events side, signed up to a couple of private chef companies and found the bookings coming in. We suddenly became very busy. Not just here in Devon but across the entire West Country. Then we started to win business on our own reputation, we had repeat business throughout the autumn. We are now completely stand alone and have bookings through to December next year. We'll continue to operate like this with the emphasis on private dining and special events and evenings in the restaurant. Mission accomplished. La Petite Bouchée safe. Same Award Winning food, just served a little differently.

Booking a Private chef isn't as expensive as you think. The price head includes front of house and we'll leave your kitchen spotlessly clean too ! We can also source your wine and spirits and create wine flights to accompany your meal. Information can be found HERE and we have a range on sample menus HERE

We currently only have availability for a few weekday dates in March and April in the first quarter. If you are thinking about a celebration or gathering please don't leave it till the last minute. We are always available for a no obligation chat.


We'll be back in the restaurant on 27th January for a Taste Of India and there are just 10 covers left for the evening. You can book by going to the reservations page and following the instructions HERE


All dates in February are now FULLY BOOKED

All that remains for us to do is to Thank You for your unstinting support this year, for believing in us and for embracing our decision. It's been a fantastic time meeting new people, travelling afar and watching people spend time eating and drinking with the people they love best. We look forward to welcoming you to La Petite Bouchée if you're booked in and if we are cooking for you at home or at your holiday venue in the near future, we look forward to meeting you.

Happy New Year everyone may this be your best year yet !

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