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Well that was an action packed 6 weeks, we seemed to go from 0-60 in record time. It's been amazing to welcome back so many of our loyal customers and friends as well as some new ones, some on holiday and some new to the village. We seem to have had an influx durning lockdown and we welcome you all to Witheridge and to La Petite Bouchée. Caroline and I have been totally overwhelmed by the love and support we've received. It's not been easy training a new team and getting up to speed but Front of House have nailed it this month with some very positive reviews across all three spaces we're currently using for guests.

September is virtually upon us and which means a change of menu and some more early autumn dishes. We've got delicious Wild Boar Pâté served with crunchy toast and handmade pickles. Our ever popular shallot tart is back in pole position with orders this weekend with its sticky balsamic glaze and of course we're sticking with Scallops this month and serving up some delightful little scallops which have been cooked in a butter and champagne reduction.

For mains we have our mainstay Moules Frites and Steak Frites with 4 types of cuts on the menu served with either Béarnaise, Dijon or Bordelaise Sauce, the latter if you're unfamiliar a shallot and red wine reduction. We've got a delightfully delicate Chicken Ballotine stuffed with bacon, spinach and fresh herb served with savoy cabbage and a cream and tarragon sauce. We've got the most delicious sticky Short Rib Daube this month served with creamy smoked mash and seasonal earthy vegetables. Bouillaibasse headlines the fish dishes with this classic seafood and shellfish strew, the toast of Marseilles, cooked with the best fish and shellfish from Celtic Fish and Game. Lobster is still on the menu but creeping up in price (seasonal market prices) as we head towards the end of this quite extraordinary year. We've got a treat in store for our vegetarian and vegan friends with a dish from Alsace with a twist. The same with the humble Cassoulet elevated to superstar to superstardom with the humble mushroom.

Desserts are a simple but classic Normandy Apple Tart and of course our legendary Crème Brûlée or a fabulous cheeseboard packed with your French favourites Brie de Meaux, Roquefort and Comté served with Memberillo and fruit.


We are continuing to use our three spaces this month, with the restaurant seating 12-14 dependent on table sizes, our private dining room seating up to 8 and Demelza seating 4



11th 6 covers

12th 6 covers

18th 6 covers

19th 2 covers

25th 4 covers

26th 2 covers


FULLY BOOKED across September

Private Dining

4th & 5th FULLY BOOKED

11th Available

12th Available

18th Available


25th Available

26th Available


Please book via the website HERE or email us for further information HERE or even Whats App us on 07729 638 642

If you were a regular customer of TOGO please claim you 15% discount in September just book with TOGO in the notes and we'll apply the discount immediately.

See you soon !

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