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Three Is a Magic Number...

Today we are celebrating 3 years open here in our little piece of Devon. It's not the celebration we had in mind for this quite important milestone. This weekend was fully booked with 44 people celebrating VE DAY. We'd found and recreated a menu from a celebration in May 1945 in a Parisian restaurant, We'd got the license to play WW2 favs and I had envisaged a few slightly slurry versions of "We'll Meet Again" from some of our wonderful guests... You know who you are !

We're proud to still be standing in these extraordinary times, Today instead of chilling champagne and making salmon mousse I have been making batches of Paella, Patatas Bravas and Gazpacho ( best hangover cure ever by the way ) Today I have stood in the dining room at La Petite Bouchée and shed a few tears and then counted myself very lucky. We have the most amazing, loyal and loving customers here in Devon. We have people cheering us from beyond our delivery boundaries and actually I've been getting messages from all over the country today - It helps so much. It's motivational, It inspires me to do better.

If not caught up, we're producing chilled /frozen ready meals. There's a different menu each week, we're taking the village ( s) on a tour of the world. Some one said in an email a couple of days ago that I had created a monster. It's a little more than I can handle on my own, some weeks are a lot more challenging when orders are over 200+ That is a challenge with one person in the kitchen, packing and labelling the food, marketing and speaking to the media. I am on countdown for the next 6 weeks when Nigel and Caroline have been isolated for 12 weeks a piece and then well the Sky is the limit ... Check out the website

We don't know when we'll be back and in what capacity till at least Sunday if that. We again will be in un chartered territory and obviously can't second guess. Just know that when this is over all our regular customers will be invited to the biggest party ever to celebrate our return. I am sure we'll have to have strict measures in place for a while... so I'll think on.

Caroline and I would just like to say the biggest thank you to all of our regular customers, to those who have been here on holiday, to those who have tried us once or twice. You are all important to us. Your support has been unstinting for the past three years and there are no words to describe the warm, fuzzy, feeling we both feel.

We're going to raise a toast to all of you on Friday in the afternoon during VE Day celebrations and the toast will be to you. To all of you who have joined us in the last 3 years. We hope to welcome you again very soon, so the toast is "We'll Meet Again "

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