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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year ! It seems like ages since we've set foot in a professional kitchen. The break has given us all time to focus and not to dwell on what happened in the last couple of months of the year. We won a bloody award for goodness sakes, we had more smiley faces in our beloved La Petite Bouchée than ever before, we did the most amazing Supper Clubs and residencies in other peoples kitchens and we all worked tirelessly to make our business was even more popular than before. We have loved every minute of it too, because we do, even when it's raining. We love cooking good, locally sourced food and looking after our guests. It's not rocket science but it works and everyone wins.

Photograph James Baston Photography

So what about La Petite Bouchée? Well she's just fine and safe and over the course of the next month her windows will go back in, a new floor will laid and we'll decorate her lovingly so she is ready for service in the early spring.

Now comes the big news. La Petite Bouchée will never be in service in London again. We took the decision some months ago to move back to where Caroline has lived most of her life, the West Country. The decision is purely for personal reasons and not as a result of anything else that has happened. I have lived here in Crystal Palace and latterly Sydenham all of my adult life and so for me this has been a huge decision and one that I have not taken lightly. So we'll be off to beautiful Devon in at the end of February and relaunching La Petite Bouchée in the early spring. We're excited about our future and have all sorts of plans for our little camionette.

Our residency at All INN One will be our SwanSong in London for the time being and we couldn't be happier that we'll be on home turf for our final month of service. Our focus now is completely on our residency and we hope to see a lot of you there. We have the pleasure of working with some amazing people in Julia and Richard and we can't thank them enough for this awesome opportunity. Find out more about what's cooking in the restaurant in January HERE

Watch out for some great food all locally sourced and some amazing giveaways. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends an amazing 2017 packed with happiness, good health and above all love


Anita-Clare, Caroline and Neil

Here's a look back at an extraordinary year at La Petite Bouchée !

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