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The Countdown is on.....

So much has changed since the last time I wrote. We're well on target to open on the 24th. The house is filled with boxes of PPE, automatic hand sanitisers, stickers. The kitchen is cleared for redecoration and Gatsby ( no.1 pup and I have had haircuts. This update is just to bring you up to speed with menus eat in and takeaway and plans for the future. We have also recruited a new team who will work alongside us from the 24th. I am very excited for the future and moving the business forward even through these still quite strange times.

The Restaurant Dining Room

Until we are told otherwise, the dining room at La Petite Bouchée will continue to have 6 tables 1m plus apart. Dates are getting booked up in advance so if you are in a group bigger than 4 and thinking about coming then best advice would be to book early. The next availability for a 4-6 is 8th August. Please remember to book online HERE


We have thought very seriously about our takeaway offering for those of you who are still unsure about dining out and are happy to offer the following menu which will be available for collection only between 18:30 and 19:30 All the food will be fully labelled with re-heating instructions should you require. This is how it works:

  • The menu will be available to order from on a Wednesday.

  • There will be ten takeaway slots per service

  • Takeaway is paid for in advance by BACS by 10am on the day of your pickup. We will not accept cash

  • A takeaway station will be at the front of the house adjacent to our vintage Citroen Camper van.

  • The team will be wearing the appropriate PPE

  • Please arrive promptly not least because your food will get cold !

  • Beer and Wine will be available to takeaway.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser available and respect the 2m social distancing rule if you are waiting with others.

  • We will ask you for your personal data in advance for track and trace purposes. This applies to anyone visiting the restaurant in what ever capacity. The data is not stored and will be destroyed after 21 days. This is for the safety of our team as well as you.

  • Please do not enter the restaurant dining room, please follow the instructions which will be very clear when you arrive.

Here is the takeaway menu for July/August 2020, we will ensure it's on the website in time for you to order from 22nd July 2020


Available all year round ( seasonal prices apply) both eat in and to takeaway prices from £37.50 to £100 per head. All our platters are bespoke just ping us an email at with your requirements. If you are planning a feast at home please note it is collection only by 4pm on Friday or Saturday.


We intend to constantly review our practises, how things are going and with this in mind we have been thinking about the other spaces open to us here in our property.

On the menu in September, Queen Scallops in a Beurre Noisette sauce.

Private Dining Room

After much discussion and negotiation with Mrs F we may on occasion open our private dining room which seats 8 comfortably for special occasions and for guests nervous about La Petite Bouchee dining room. The dining room is situated next to the kitchen and opposite a private cloakroom, with its own door. Accessible from the front of the house. The minimum number of people we would need to open up the private dining room is six. For further information please email us at

On the menu. Beautiful aged Côte de Boeuf from Geoff and Maggie Cox herd at Cannington Farm just 1/4 mile from La Petite Bouchée. It's just melt in the mouth !

Demelza - La Petite Bouchée

We have only ever opened Demelza once for service and that was at St. Johns Fair 2017 when gorgeous Claire and Paddy Hook ate lunch inside her. We will consider opening her for use for the month of September only with a minimum of 4 people or 2 people paying a supplement. She is her own little private piece of heaven, it's a totally unique experience dining inside her. There will be just 8 dates this year to dine inside Demelza if you would like to enquire about one of the dates in September then do email us here at These dates are going to go very quickly so early booking is essential.


Just to whet your appetite here's the menu for September ....

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